Caracor Logo 2005.aiCaracor believes that economic, social and ecological-environmental concerns must be balanced whenever a development project is considered. To this end, the company will strive to practice Sustainable Development, a concept that draws a distinction between growth and development.

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Growth is simply a quantitative increase in size or number: more houses, more buildings. Development, on the other hand, describes the progression from a lower stage to a more advanced stage. To put it simply: growth means getting bigger whereas development means getting better. By following this policy, Caracor’s development projects will be conceived to unlock the “best use” for each site to benefit both communities and individuals.


Caracor endeavors to make efficient use of already-developed land and make thoughtful, responsible choices about new-developed land. Through farsighted planning, Caracor’s development projects will take into account multiple factors, including land preservation, affordable housing, adequate infrastructure (roads, wastewater, etc.), open space, quality of life, a sense of community and revitalized town centers. Caracor engages with local leaders to understand how the community’s needs can be profitably served by our development projects.

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